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About us

PP Impression Company Limited has been appointed as the official distributor of Givaudan of Thailand, the number one producer of perfume and nozzles, the number 1 in the world, with over 20 years of experience. Impression has been trusted to be an official distributor with the primary goal of providing comprehensive and effective service to customers. And pay more attention to the quality and aroma of perfume that suits our customers PP Impress is committed to meeting the needs of our customers in all aspects.

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Fragrance Design
We can design the scent according to the briefs that the customers want. It is suitable for customers who want a unique scent
Working Together
Fragrance consultation
We can host a consultation session on perfume direction, suitable perfume fragrance and fragrance trends
Cargo Ship
Import Fragrance
We can water the perfume as desired by the customer with a minimum of 25 kilograms.
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